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Facility MES

Facility MES is a production and downtime tracking solution engineered to help you realize your facility or enterprise-wide productivity goals.  It puts the information required to make informed decisions in the hands of the right personnel at the right time.  Facility MES’s simple, yet robust architecture is scalable allowing your facility to use an incremental approach to achieving manufacturing excellence. And its configurability ensures the system will adapt to ever-changing industry standards and adjust to evolving technology.

Data Acquisition

Interfacing with equipment at the plant can be the hardest part of collecting useful information for a MES system.  Facility MES supports many communication methods including direct access to equipment PLC's, OPC UA, Modbus, SQL database tables, and more with full configurability so you can start collecting data even if your plant hasn't standardized on hardware or fault codes.  Our configuration is the least intrusive and most flexible option you'll find.

Electrical network equipment close-up. Black network installation with fiber optic cables.



Facility MES's user interface is entirely presented over native HTML and can be accessed using any modern browser.  Specially designed views deliver real-time performance metrics to operators to help drive action and meet performance objectives.  Scheduled reports are delivered via email to key stakeholders providing the information needed to assess long term trends and evaluate the impact of continuous improvement intiatives.


Downtime tracking involves more than just capturing fault codes from equipment.  Equipment may be organized into process lines with constraint points, bottlenecks, and reject locations.  Our Facility MES metrics start with equipment OEE and expand to provide valuable insight that help drive process improvement.


Event Management

Downtime Pivot.png

At the heart of any downtime capture system is understanding the equipment's state.  In addition to running and down, it's helpful to understand if the equipment is idle, starved for product or blocked by downstream equipment.  Non-equipment downtimes like changeover,  maintenance, and sanitation are also tracked to ensure a complete understanding of equipment availability.


Facility MES surfaces important events to the operator interface using in application notification bubbles.  These notifications may also be used for communication between operators or teams.   Text (SMS) messages can also be used to provide urgent notification when the situation calls for it.

Dashboard Reports.png

Product Flow


To help identify exactly where the bottlenecks in your production environment exist, it is important for the system to understand the product's flow through the line.  This includes where the product may split because of multiple equipment and where it might merge back into a single stream. 

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