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Facility Scheduler

Staff scheduling, especially in dynamic manufacturing environments, can be a very labor-intensive process.  Typically, user availability is based on many criteria including scheduled vacation, paid time off (PTO), leave, training, overtime rules, user qualification, shift timing, and so much more.  Facility Scheduler aims to automate significant parts of the process ensuring accuracy and saving significant effort.

Smart Integration

Maintaining the same data in multiple systems creates duplication of effort and introduces opportunities for mistakes.  Facility Schedulers requires much information (users, vacation, PTO, etc) can be maintained within the application or synchronized periodically using data uploads and flexible integrations.

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Vacation Management

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If you are tracking vacation with spreadsheets or some other home-grown solution, Facility Scheduler will streamline the effort.  It can be used to automate the annual enrollment process, standardize the workflow for requesting and approving time off, track used and unused vacation time against multiple policies and so much more.  It will make answering the question "How much vacation do I have left" a thing of the past. 

Attendance Tracking

Tracking late arrivals, call offs, & no shows is the easy part of the process.  Facility Scheduler calculates "points" based on time-based policies and configurable rules and automates the generation of notices for attendance or other corrective actions.  An audit trail of all activity is maintained to lend transparency to the process for everyone involved.


Overtime Management

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Eliminate the paper signup sheets and all the hassles that come with them with Facility Scheduler.  Post specific jobs and automate job awards based on configurable rules including qualifications, availability, seniority and more. 

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Scalene's Facility Scheduler Software has reduced our scheduling effort down to a few minutes each week from hours.  It also helps save on grievances making the payback less than six months.

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