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Energy Analysis... Simplified

The Problem

Energy costs are a significant portion of your operating budget.  Every year, those costs increase.  In order to control costs and balance your budget, you need reliable, organized, and accessible energy data.  Unfortunately, one or more of these scenarios are playing out in your facility right now:

  • Energy data isn't available because:

    • You don't have metering or smart devices to capture and transmit energy usage.

    • You don't have access to the systems where this data is captured.

    • It takes too long to query data in the systems you have for the time frames that are relevant to you.

  • Data isn't accurate because:

    • Communications issues are commonplace in your networks​.

    • There is too much energy data to validate and you don't have the staffing to support it.

    • Multiple systems perform calculations, conversions, or totals without consistency.

  • Data isn't organized because:

    • ​Multiple different systems store energy data.  ERP systems, building automation systems, energy applications, spreadsheets, individual devices are all possible data locations.

    • Reports aren't available to perform the analysis you desire.  You've created spreadsheets and workarounds but they are increasingly difficult to maintain.

    • Weather data or other factors (ex. occupancy) are critical in your analysis, but aren't included in any reports.

Don't worry.  Scalene Software's Facility Vision is specifically designed to resolve all of these scenarios.  

The Method

Data Acquisition2.png

Data Acquisition

Facility Vision (FV) has separate modules that allow for data retrieval from almost any data source including programmable logic controllers (PLC's), OPC, Modbus, BacNet, databases using custom queries, custom files, and through web API's.  All configuration is performed through an intuitive web interface, that allows FV users with appropriate credentials to identify and resolve communication errors without involving integrators or IT.  FV also includes numerous data validation alarms to ensure the data you're retrieving is accurate.  Wherever your data resides, FV can get it for you.

Data Acquisition.png

Data Analytics

Analytics gives you the ability to predict and anticipate your facility's energy demand.  Finely tuned algorithms and expertly crafted reports emphasize the anomalies and deviations allowing you to pinpoint the root cause of changes in energy demand.  We find the patterns in the data so you can exploit them to your advantage.

Data Acquisition3.png

Data Organization

We've all experienced systems with lots of data that is haphazardly organized.  It creates confusion and can result in wasted time.  Facility Vision's groupings and hierarchies ensure the collected data is meaningfully assigned and stored.  This improves system performance (so your reports run fast) and provides you the ability to quickly slice and dice data sets to reveal hidden insights.  Simply put, we're transforming the data into useful information.

Data Presentation.png


An effective speaker can transform an unremarkable topic into something more. S/he will capture your attention and nurture your interest.  Facility Vision tries to do the same by taking raw energy data and making it interesting.  With an easy-to-use, clean interface and responsive, eye-catching reports, Facility Vision will put the satisfaction back into energy analysis. 

We are really proud of Facility Vision.  We love showing it off.  Request a no obligation, no pressure demo today.

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