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Our Facility Vision software platform provides an end-to-end energy management solution for your facility, campus, or enterprise.  It is designed to capture energy data in real-time, process and organize the collected data, and present actionable insights through an intuitive and engaging user interface.   It delivers value across a wide spectrum of end-users including energy managers, sustainability, finance, plant engineering, and more.

FAcility Vision

Campus Dashboard
Building Dashboard
User Dashboards
Trend Report (Historical)
Proportion Report
Expected Value Analysis
Power Meter View
Live Trend
Digital Trend
Electrical Distribution
Year over Year Comparison
Reports List
Data Report Selector
Data Report View
Campus Map

Facility Scheduler

Our Facility Scheduler software greatly simplifies the process of staff scheduling for manufacturing facilities.   If you're using pen & paper, spreadsheets, or an in-house solution, its likely you've been frustrated with the amount of time and energy it takes to properly schedule your workforce.  Facility Scheduler's extremely flexible and fast algorithms save considerable time and provide reliable results that consider seniority, qualifications, availability, overtime sign-ups and more.

FAcility MES

Our Facility MES software platform provides complete visibility to production environments empowering teams to embark on their continuous improvement journeys.  You too can improve productivity by identifying opportunities, improving collaboration, and unlocking hidden capacity that delivers results to the bottom line.

Test Tubes

Refrigeration Monitor

Our Refrigeration Monitoring software allows hospitals and research facilities to monitor the temperature of any equipment containing valuable and/or sensitive material.   We've simplified the communications, notifications, and regulatory requirements reporting so you can rest assured your content is secure.

Business Meeting

Custom Software

Are you looking to get away from endless spreadsheets or unsupported software?  Do you spend too much time on repetitive tasks instead of focusing on the true challenge and/or opportunity.  We have delivered solutions that have saved thousands of effort-hours while improving accuracy and visibility.

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